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"I have been struggling with back pain after being in an auto accident. The constant ache kept me feeling fatigued, struggling to concentrate, and unable to get a good nights sleep. By December 2017, even walking became difficult due to the extreme pain.

I noticed the Finesse Chiropractic sign that said "gentle chiropractic", so I decided to give him a try - after all I have nothing to lose.

I began treatment with Dr. Kunikiyo (Marvin) in January 2018 and already experiencing better sleep, less fatigue, alert, productive, increased mobility, and best of all a significant decrease in pain!"

- Cynthia W.

"After moving to a new house, doing all the heavy lifting with my brother, we managed to get all of our stuff into the place without injury.

While unpacking, and after my help was gone, I attempted to lift a heavy crate by myself. I probably knew better, but it was only going to take a second. I felt it right away. Down low a pain came. I gradually grew worse, until I could no longer stand straight and was quite painful.

I went to Dr. Marvin and he provided immediate relief. I only lasted about 30 minutes. I went again, immediate relief. After the 3rd visit the relief lasted.

Not only does Dr. Marvin know how to find the exact location of the problem, he gives wonderful insight into the cause of remedy.

I will continue to see Dr. Marvin for continued healing."

- Earl

 "I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo.

I have had chronic pain in my neck, right shoulder, arm and swelling and stiffness in my right hand for a couple of years.

This condition has made it hard to get a good nights sleep and has started to affect my quality of life. I started to quit some of my activities that I really love, because of the pain and weakness with my right side.

After meeting Dr. Kunikiyo and attending his Health Class, I gained the knowledge of what causes health and what causes disease. This knowledge has helped me make the best health decisions for myself.

With my treatment plan in its 4th week, I have already had considerable improvement with my range of motion in my neck and my pain level has decreased as well. My right hand is not swollen in the morning and I had a trigger finger on that no longer sticks down.

I can also sleep much longer without waking up with neck and shoulder pain.

I'm so pleased with the help Dr. Kunikiyo has given me that I want to share my experience and hopes of helping others that are suffering like I was. Thank you Dr. Kunikiyo, Marcie B."

- Marcie B.


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