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Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo grew up in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Kauai. He loved to surf (he was in truth a total surf rat), but sustained several injuries to his neck while doing other activities, which caused intermittent but severe neck pain radiating into his left arm by the time he was in his early teens. He would wake up with severe pain and restricted mobility in his neck (torticollis), with sharp pain radiating into the back of his left arm. The pain would come on every month or two for no apparent reason, and last for 1 to 2 weeks. As a young kid in severe pain, he had the scary thought that he might have to suffer with this kind of pain for the rest of his life. His mom took him to a medical doctor who suggested that he wear a cervical collar for 9 months to “hopefully bring the inflammation down”. When asked if this would correct the problem, the medical doctor replied, “We hope it will”. Marvin decided not to go with a treatment that might “hopefully” work. These days, it is common knowledge to chiropractic and even medical doctors that when you immobilize a joint—such as with a cervical collar—that joint will start to degenerate within 2 weeks. This is also the reason that although the use of cervical collars following car accidents was very prevalent in the 1970’s and 1980’s, you almost never see it used these days.

His mom then suggested they try a chiropractor, since a friend of hers was seeing a chiropractor and was happy with the results. That chiropractor convinced Marvin to go to chiropractic school, so after high school and completing the prerequisites, Marvin headed off to Chiropractic College.

However, although that chiropractor helped to relieve his neck and arm pain somewhat, Dr. Marvin’s neck and arm pain persisted through chiropractic school and well beyond. Consequently, he always sought out the best chiropractors he could find and in the process learning from them as well. Additionally he made a commitment to become a master of his craft, so that he could more fully help people like himself.

Dr. Marvin utilizes the Motion Palpation technique for diagnosis, and the Gonstead technique for adjusting. To learn more about these techniques, go to FAQ. He has taught spinal adjusting to other chiropractors in Washington State through the Washington State Chiropractic Association, and is currently enrolled in a 240 hour course on Animal Adjusting and working towards a certification with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

He currently enjoys playing golf (some say he eats, sleeps and breathes golf), along with reading and listening to a variety of good music. He has a 50-pound dog named Little Guy, who has short legs, a long thick body and a Teddy-bear face.


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